This day trip offers 3 dives. “The Elbow” is a drift dive beginning at 60ft and leveling off at 100ft. Some of the largest gorgonians will be found swaying gently with the current, creating a marvelous backdrop for the marine life. Encounter Reef Sharks, Mantas and a 14ft Hammerheah. “Majestic Point” will offer tunnels and exciting swim-throughs. As the canyon narrows, the corals combine to create a sheer cliff in depths between 70ft and 150ft. The other canyon dive could be “Black Beauty” or “Mortel Turtle,” both famous for huge sponges and marine life. Another site might be the Sayonara Wreck, sunk in 1985, this dive is famous for the rare “Toad Fish” that is found on the Coral formations of this site.

BELIZE is a majestic place WITH BREAtH- TAKING DIVING.